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AZ salesperson exam prep
Mar 26 2024

Exam Prep | Arizona Real Estate Statutes and Law

This article is a comprehensive guide tailored for individuals preparing to take the Arizona real estate exam. It delves into crucial topics such as statutes and laws...
AZ real estate behind the scenes
Mar 05 2024

Behind The Scenes, Key Players In Arizona Real Estate

The Arizona Real Estate Market The Arizona real estate market is a dynamic and complex field, teeming with various players who each play a pivotal role in the buying...
AZ real estate key concepts
Feb 27 2024

Arizona Real Estate Principles A-Z: Key Concepts Explained

Venturing into the Arizona real estate market opens a world of opportunities and challenges alike. For those on the path to becoming licensed real estate professionals...
real estate licensing Arizona tech
Feb 19 2024

Techs Impact On Real Estate Licensing And More In Arizona

The landscape of Arizona's real estate licensing process and more is transforming, and it's all thanks to the wonders of technology. These advancements are not just...
Land planning terms
Feb 06 2024

8 Land Planning Terms You Need To Know To Pass Your Arizona Real Estate Exam

Introduction In the dynamic world of Arizona real estate, understanding land planning terms is crucial for students, real estate professionals, and anyone involved in...
Arizona real estate recovery fund exam prep
Jan 29 2024

Recovery Fund | Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep

Introduction The Real Estate Recovery Fund in Arizona serves as a financial safety net for consumers who suffer a monetary loss due to the wrongful actions of a...
knowledge thumbnail 4
May 25 2023

Real Estate Exam Prep: Disclosures

Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep: DisclosuresWhat Is A Disclosure?A disclosure provides notice to another party of information known by another. In real estate, this...
Apr 27 2023

How Does Arizona Control Water Usage? | Real Estate Exam Prep

How Does Arizona Control Water Usage? | Real Estate Exam PrepWhat Is Groundwater?It’s no secret that Arizona has a limited water supply, so how does the state control...
real estate licensing 2
Apr 20 2023

Can An Agent Get A Commission For Selling Their Own House?

Can An Agent Get A Commission For Selling Their Own House?If I'm Licensed, Can I Earn A Commission For Buying Or Selling My Own House?The Answer in Arizona is...
Real estate school knowledge 2
Apr 17 2023

What Is A Deed In Arizona Real Estate?

What Is A Deed In Arizona Real Estate?In Simple Terms, What Is A Deed?What Is A Deed? It’s more than just a piece of paper but definitely not nearly as complicated as...
Real estate school knowledge 1
Apr 10 2023

What’s An Active Vs. Inactive Real Estate License In AZ?

Active Vs. Inactive Real Estate License In Arizona What’s The Difference Between An Active Real Estate License In Arizona And An Inactive License? The main difference...