What Is A Deed In Arizona Real Estate?

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Knowledge

In Simple Terms, What Is A Deed?

What Is A Deed? It’s more than just a piece of paper but definitely not nearly as complicated as some people make it sound. Simply put, a deed is a written instrument that is used to convey (or to give) ownership to someone else. You can think of it as a receipt that a seller (the giv-or) gives to the new owner. In this situation, the seller (giv-or) is the grantor (grant-or). Making the new owner in this situation the grantee (grant-ee).


Who Else Can Give Or Sign A Deed?

The signing of a deed is normally done by the property owner, however there are situations where another person may sign it. For instance a Trustor may sign a deed on behalf of a deceased person or bank as it sells a foreclosed property to it’s new

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