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California Salesperson Continuing Education Requirements

Navigating California Real Estate CE Requirements

In California, staying at the forefront of real estate knowledge and practices is not just beneficial—it’s a regulatory requirement. The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) mandates specific continuing education (CE) for real estate salespersons, both when renewing an original license for the first time and for subsequent renewals. Understanding these requirements is crucial for maintaining your license and your professional edge. Remember your real estate license renewal is due every 4 years.


First-Time Renewal for Salespersons
Real estate salespersons renewing their original license for the first time are required to complete 45 hours of DRE-approved CE. This includes:

  • Mandatory Courses: 12 hours covering Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Handling, and Risk Management, plus a 3-hour course in Fair Housing with interactive components.
  • Implicit Bias Training: A new 2-hour course requirement.
  • Consumer Protection: At least 18 hours focusing on protecting the consumer.
  • Consumer Service/Protection: The remaining hours can be related to consumer service or additional consumer protection courses.


First-Time Renewal for Brokers
For their initial renewal, brokers must complete 45 hours of DRE-approved continuing education, structured as follows:

  • Mandatory Courses: 15 hours covering five distinct three-hour courses in Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, and Management and Supervision, in addition to a three-hour course in Fair Housing.
  • Implicit Bias Training: A two-hour course designed to address and mitigate implicit bias, enhancing brokers’ ability to serve a diverse clientele fairly and equitably.
  • Consumer Protection: A minimum of 18 hours dedicated to consumer protection courses, ensuring brokers are well-versed in practices that safeguard the public.
  • Consumer Service/Protection: To complete the 45-hour requirement, brokers have the discretion to choose additional hours from either consumer service or further consumer protection courses.

Second and Subsequent Renewals
For salespersons or brokers facing their second or subsequent renewals, the DRE mandates another set of 45 hours of CE, structured slightly differently:

  • Survey Course or Individual Mandatory Subjects: Licensees must complete either a 9-hour CE survey course covering all seven mandatory subjects or take individual courses in these areas.
  • Consumer Protection: A minimum of 18 hours must be dedicated to consumer protection topics.
  • Flexibility in Remaining Hours: Similar to the first-time renewal, the remaining hours may focus on consumer service or additional consumer protection.


Renewal Timelines

  • In California, real estate licenses are valid for a four-year period, and licensees must ensure timely renewal to continue their practice without interruption.
  • The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) assists in this process by sending a renewal reminder letter to the licensee’s recorded mailing address approximately 60 days before the license’s expiration date. (However, it’s crucial to note that the responsibility to renew on time rests solely with the licensee, regardless of whether the reminder letter is received.)
  • On-Time Renewals: Licensees can begin the renewal process 90 days before their license expiration date, using either the eLicensing system or by mailing their renewal application. To avoid any operational disruptions, ensure your renewal is completed before midnight on your license expiration date. The Business and Professions Code Section 10156.2 allows you to continue working under your existing license after its expiration date until you’re notified otherwise by the DRE, provided you’ve renewed on time.
  • Late Renewals: Missed your renewal date? Don’t worry. You have a two-year late renewal period immediately following your license expiration date to submit your renewal. However, it’s important to remember that you are not permitted to engage in any activities requiring a real estate license until the DRE has officially renewed your license.

Costs & Fees

  • Salesperson on time renewal: $245
  • Salesperson late renewal: $367
  • Broker on time renewal: $300
  • Broker late renewal: $450


California Real Estate CE FAQs

How many hours of CE are required for first-time salesperson renewals in California?

First-time renewals require 45 hours of DRE-approved CE, including specific mandatory courses and implicit bias training.

What are the CE requirements for subsequent license renewals in California?

Subsequent renewals also require 45 hours, with at least 27 hours covering mandatory subjects and consumer protection, every 4 years.

Can I choose between a survey course and individual courses for my CE?

Yes, for subsequent renewals, you can opt for a 9-hour survey course that covers all seven mandatory subjects or complete individual courses in these subjects.

Are there specific topics that must be covered in the CE for California real estate salespersons?

Yes, mandatory topics include Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, Management and Supervision, Fair Housing, and Implicit Bias Training.

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Please Note: From time to time regulations and requirements do change and this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may view a complete and current list of requirements on the California Department of Real Estate website.