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Kentucky Sales Associate & Broker Continuing Education Requirements

Post-License Period and Continuing Education: Sales Associate

It is important to note that Kentucky uses the full calendar year for most calculations (Jan 1 – Dec 31) rather than the license issuance date.

  • First 2 Years: New Sales Associate licensees are exempt from CE requirements, as they are already completing 48 hours of post-license education, aimed at providing a deep dive into the practical aspects of real estate brokerage.
  • After 2 Years: Upon completing the post-license period, Sales Associates are required to engage in continuing education to maintain and renew their licenses.

Continuing Education Requirements: Sales Associate & Broker

  • Annual Requirement: All actively licensed agents must complete six (6) hours of CE annually, with three (3) of those hours in courses approved for law credit. These 6 hours must be completed by 12/31 each year.
  • Biennial Renewal: Licenses must be renewed every two years, aligning with even-numbered years. This equates to a total of 12 hours of CE required per renewal period. The renewal must be completed by 03/31 every two years.
  • Kentucky Core Course: Additionally, all active licensees must complete the Kentucky Core Course once every four (4) years, which is included in the 6-hour annual CE requirement for the year it’s taken.


Costs & Fees Of Renewing

  • Inactive Status: $120 + $10 E&O
  • Active Associate/Broker: $130


Kentucky Real Estate CE FAQs

Do I need to complete CE in my first two years as a new licensee?

No, new licensees focus on post-license education for the first two years and are exempt from CE during this period.

How many CE hours are required after the first two years?

After the initial two-year period, brokers must complete 6 hours of CE annually, totaling 12 hours for the biennial renewal period.

What is the Kentucky Core Course, and how often do I need to take it?

The Kentucky Core Course is a state-specific CE requirement that all active licensees must complete once every four years. It covers essential legal aspects of real estate practice in Kentucky.

Can I carry forward CE credits to the next renewal cycle?

No, CE credits must be earned within the calendar year and cannot be carried forward to the next cycle.

What happens if I don’t complete my CE requirements?

Failure to complete CE requirements can result in the inability to renew your license, affecting your legal ability to practice real estate in Kentucky.

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Please Note: From time to time regulations and requirements do change and this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may view a complete and current list of requirements on the Kentucky Real Estate Commission website.