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Learn More About Getting Your Idaho Mortgage Loan Originator License

Is Idaho Mortgage Loan Originator MLO (Idaho Mortgage Broker Licensing) Right For Me?

That is a tough question to answer but it depends entirely on you, what you like and what motivates you! Let’s look at some reasons you would want to obtain an Idaho Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO) or Loan Agent License:

Cost: Most states, education courses for a licensed loan officer are usually less then $500. This is one of the lowest priced career choices anywhere and can result in one of the highest paying careers as well!

Education: To become a loan officer you need to attend a certified school. You can do online loan officer school or in person mortgage lender school. The average time varies, but in almost all states, the time is less then 30 hours total for most states.

Time: You can become a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) in your free time if you choose the online schooling. Courses start nearly every day and there is a schedule to meet your time constraints.

Income: Sky is the limit when it comes to income. Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO) don’t have any salary cap and the top MLO’s can earn income that far exceeds that of professionals who have 10+ years of college and post graduate schooling!

Demand: Obtaining a lenders license can be one of the most lucrative careers in real estate. Most buyers need a loan to buy a property, so as a lender or MLO, they need you and real estate can’t be done without you! This is a job that won’t be phased out as well.

Flexibility: Even if this is a second job, or a full time career, you can balance your hours around your other obligations. Many MLO’s work from home as well.

Pride: Having a hand in helping a deserving home buyer finally get into homeownership is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling feelings that any job could have. You can enjoy life knowing that your work brought the American Dream to those around you.

Location: You can work in as many states as you wish to get licensed in and that means you can live in California while working for your family in New York, or focus on first time buyers in Texas while you live in Idaho!

If you feel this is a career choice that you would want to pursue, you need the right training. Nationwide, we choose to work with the best. Interested?

How Do I Get My Idaho Mortgage Broker License (Mortgage Loan Originator) In Idaho?

  1. Create an account and register with Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) and obtain an ID number.
  2. You must attend 20 hours of education either online or in person and fulfill your states additional educational requirements if any.
  3. Pass NMLS Mortgage licensing exam (some states have a state specific test)
  4. Apply for your license
  5. Complete background checks
  6. Find an employer and associate your NMLS account ID with them

*Please note, that this is a general overview of requirements and that they may not reflect the most recent information. Your specific circumstances may require a different process as well. Please always verify requirements with the appropriate agencies.