Active Vs. Inactive Real Estate License In Arizona

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Knowledge

What’s The Difference Between An Active Real Estate License In Arizona And An Inactive License?

The main difference between active and inactive real estate licenses in Arizona is whether or not your license is currently being “hung” with a broker. An inactive license simply means that you are licensed, but not actively working for a broker.

What Does This Mean?

What it means is that those who have active licenses may earn a commission and those who have inactive licenses may not. When you think about it, it makes sense. As a salesperson, your broker is paid the commission and they then pay you. You are not legally allowed to take a commission directly. So, if your license is inactive, you have no broker to pay you. On the other hand, if your license is active, then you have a broker which can pay you your hard-earned commission.
Please Note: Regulation, requirements and policies do change from time to time, this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may find the latest information on the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s website.