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* Contract Writing Course: Our State required 6-Hour Contract Writing Course is 100% online and on demand.

** Live Virtual Group Tutoring: A live 3 hour group tutoring session with an active real estate instructor. Course includes major testing topics and plenty of time for live Q&A.

*** School Final Exam: Students must complete their school final exam in person at an Approved Testing Center

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Thank you Jeff for giving me the confidence to go and take the Arizona Real Estate Exam. I passed on my 1st attempt, which was today, just a week after passing the school exam. Truly grateful!
It was super easy to navigate and the instructor Jeff Davis really made it easy. It is a lot of information and all I did was follow the recommendations and things went smoothly.
With American Realty Academy I was able to pass my AZRE exam on the first try. I had the luxury to learn at my pace from the comfort of my home.The online classes are great and I got the most info out the many, many videos included as well as a huge amount of study materials offered.I'm so glad I chose American Realty Academy to get through my 90 hours of learning plus 6 hours contract writing course. It's only worth it if you can pass the exam and I received the knowledge I needed to pass. Well worth the money.
I feel very confident in giving 5 stars and highly recommending American Realty Academy. I researched a few different schools and kept coming back to American Realty Academy. It has been a long time since I was in a classroom setting and back to taking tests. However, Jeff’s approach to leading a classroom/study session in an interactive way leads to knowledge retention and application not just memorization and regurgitation. The bonus materials, flash cards, videos of previous study sessions cement the topics and gives you the tools to pass the state exam. I passed the state exam on my first try and truly credit that to Jeff and American Realty Academy’s on-line presentations and excellent tools for success. If you put in the time you will pass and be successful!! Thanks Jeff keep up the great work!!
I want to thank Jeff Davis for his knowledge, kindness, and encouragement. I passed the state real estate license test on the first try.The real estate course was structured very well. I liked the wrap up videos at the end of each module. The math was explained very well, and the explanations made me feel smarter than a fifth grader. :)As an addition to the course, Jeff recommended the CompuCram practice test to be familiar with the type of questions on the state exam. Those CompuCram questions and the state real estate license exam questions were based on the knowledge provided at American Realty Academy. There were no surprise questions or subjects. In summary, if you know the course material, passing the license exam will be no issue.Forever thankful,Alla
I very much recommend American Realty Academy to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to pursue their real estate license. As a 20 year old, I was very intimidated by the idea of pursuing this career. However, Jeff (super knowledgable and extremely helpful) and the team at American Realty Academy believed in me and assisted me in everything I needed to know; and of course responded/helped me whenever I needed it. It is a very straightforward and easy course to help understand the plethora of material needed to know for the exam; as it is very hard. Overall, I'm very pleased that I chose to school with American Realty Academy and loved the courses and the willingness of the instructors! Thank you so much for the help Jeff and the rest of the team 🙂
Signed up for classes : November 15thPassed School Exam : December 1st (1st Try)Passed State Exam : December 7th (1st Try)Amazing course, I took this course online and followed the lesson plan exactly as it was instructed and it really prepared me to get it done as soon as possible. I can’t say enough about how easy this course was. Thanks Mr. Davis and the American Realty Academy team. Honestly. Thank you.
I highly recommend American Realty Academy. The course was easy to navigate and there is a lot of resources within the course you just have to use them. Jeff and the admin staff are very helpful and responsive , they want you to pass. I’m confident that I made the right choice.
I recently attended a course at American Realty Academy and had an excellent experience. The instructor, Jeff, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was able to provide real-world examples and tips that were extremely useful. He was also very patient and willing to answer any questions we had. The course material was well organized and easy to understand. Overall, I would highly recommend American Realty Academy and Jeff to anyone looking to get into real estate.
I highly recommend this course! Included is everything you need to succeed and more. The course was extremely interactive and structured very well. It still takes a lot of effort and dedication; as it should, considering you will be helping people with one of the biggest purchases of their life. Jeff and his team were very quick to respond and helpful. Again, thank you!
American Realty Academy is by far the best as far as getting you ready for the state test. Their lessons are complete, organized, and detailed. They also helped with any and all questions I had throughout my courses. No doubt they are the best real estate school there is!
I decided to use American Realty Academy for my pre-license education to become a Realtor in AZ. The courses were fantastic and allow you to go at your own pace. I'm an avid reader so probably read faster than most, which was great because I could go through the classes taking more time where I needed it, and run through what I knew quickly. I love self-paced courses!They are incredible with answering questions quickly and truly mean it when they offer to help (indicated throughout the program).I was incredibly prepared for the exam through their comprehensive materials and passed both the school exam and the State exam on my first attempt! Coming from a completely different industry (20+ years in healthcare), all of the terms and concepts were very new to me, but the format of the courses gives you everything you need to understand a new world.Lastly, Jeff (the owner) is a kind and caring man looking to help everyone succeed. I appreciated EVERYTHING American Realty Academy has given me to feel confident in this new adventure.
The online course was great, and the structure really good. The textbook is in PDF and well written to the point. The Pre-Recorded Tutoring helped me understand the material and prepared me for the exam. The School Test was challenging but made the State exam look easy. I passed the State Exam on the first try. I would recommend the course.
Excellent courses to prepare for the Pearson Vue Real Estate exam! I passed Pearson on the first try after taking this course! Highly recommended!
I found this course online after reviewing a couple of courses online. I called the school and got a bit of info and decided to go through with it. I am more than satisfied! The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable, and the info was greatly presented. I highly recommend it. Thank you Jeff!
Im officially licensed! I don’t know the experiences with other schools but Jeff really takes the time with us students to provide clarity and encouragement and different ways to explain the material. American realty academy prepared me thoroughly to be able to pass my state test on the first try. I was thinking there is no way I’m going to pass with a newborn baby but kept reviewing school material. The modules, the added videos, lessons, and vocabulary was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I was so glad to come across American Academy for Real Estate Agent classes. They had the most products to help me prepare for the testing. Go for the GOLD package, it has everything you need without having to keep spending more on little things. The videos were the best real-world conversations with a mix of people all studying to get the concepts down. Thanks, American Academy I passed the States test on my first try!
I want to thank Jeff Davis and his team at American Realty Academy. They always respond to emails in a very timely manner. In addition, Jeff is always available to answer questions arising from the sessions. Their attention to their students and focus on the student’s success were evident throughout the course and the test-taking. Jeff is a great teacher. His methods of explaining the concepts needed to pass the state exam allowed me to pass the Pearson Vue exam on the first try! I can confidently say that after taking the American Realty Academy training, you will have everything you need to pass the state real estate exam.
I took the online course and loved the flexibility of being able to take the classes from home. Jeff Davis was fantastic in helping me understand the concepts and his videos were integral to getting a full understanding of the information. I passed the state exam on my first try and I credit American Realty Academy and Jeff Davis for that!
I started taking the online classes in December 2021. The classes were easy to start and the courses are extremely user friendly. Every question I asked was answered in a timely manner by an instructor. I started to watch the recorded tutoring videos made available, and the material I learned in the courses started to make sense to me. The instructor makes learning the subjects fun and gives tips, acronyms, and repeat sheets that made the material stick in my mind. I passed the school exam then took the Person Vue exam and passed first try . I am grateful for the knowledge and experience from Jeff Davis the instructor. I am glad I chose this school!
The American Reality Academy courses helped me pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam. The detailed material covered in their courses helped me prepare and pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam. The instructor of the class, Jeff Davis, is very knowledgeable and was very supportive. I highly recommend American Reality Academy.
Yeehaa!!! PASSED the state exam on my first try.Thanks to the good people over at American Realty Acadamy - the instructor Jeffery is very knowledgeable and effective communicator and the staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend them for your professional educational needs.Thanks again. . .
Today I passed my State exam on the 1st attempt! I passed my school exam on the 3rd attempt. Do not ever feel discouraged, study, study, and study. Let me just say this school offers everything you need. Jeff and all staff. Thank you !
American Realty Academy was a wonderful program! I have been wanting to get into real estate for years now and just have never had the opportunity to in the past. I am so happy I choose American Realty Academy to help me to accomplish this dream. I did the online program which in itself can be more challenging than in person. I am definitely more of a hands on learner but with kids and a job the online program worked with my schedule. The program was very well layed out, and I would definitely recommend the silver or gold plan. After finishing the courses there was a lot of extra to help you pass the test. Anything area I would recommend is taking or watching the turtoring videos. Jeff Davis is an outstanding instructor. He explains the different concepts in a more interesting way, which in turn helps you to remember them. Overall I would recommend American Really Academy to jumó start your career.
Very good experience! The corse work was very informative and thorough. The instructor is very knowledgeable and explained everything very well to prepare me for the state exam. And I passed on my first attempt! I highly recommend if you are planning to start a career in real estate to sign up for the corse and add the bonus material ( it is extremely helpful prep for the exam!
I would recommend American realty to anyone looking for a pre licensing course. The material this school provides will help you pass. Its organized and the bonus material is great
I signed up with ARA about a year ago after feeling like my life had no true direction career wise. I’ve always struggled with school but the system and process that they use truly helped me grow as a student in so many ways. The staff of ARA are incredibly accommodating. Late last year I ran into some family medical issues that forced me to put my life on hold, but ARA had no issue with extending additional time for an extremely low price. I couldn’t be more thankful for the help and support that this academy has provided me. I would 100% recommend starting your path with ARA today!
This school is fantastic! All the information is presented in an organized user friendly manner. Everything you need to know about real estate to pass your exams, and work in real estate, is available in the curriculum plus a lot of Bonus material to further clarify and highlight important topics. The instructor and staff are very knowledgeable and highly responsive . Monthly zoom classes are offered that have a lot of information in real time with plenty of question and answer time. I highly recommend American Realty Academy
One of the best choices I have ever made was to choose American Realty Academy for my course work to become an Arizona licensed real estate agent. They provide all the tools you need to prepare for and pass your Arizona real estate exams. This is a copy of what I emailed to the incredible Mr. Jeffery Davis (instructor at American Realty Academy)…….“Hello Mr. Davis I just wanted you to know that I put in the work I used all your study materials watched all the videos in length all the hints everything and I passed my state board exam my first try I took the test today and passed my first try and I just want to say thank you I went in feeling confident because of the extra bonus course material that you sent me thank you again thank you thank you thank you”Cynthia Jennings
Good school if you want to obtain your Real Estate licence. The program is designed to do on demand, you work when you can and when you’re available. I highly recommend the upgrades packages because to get access to the live tutoring lessons is a game changing. Along with all other tools , that makes the difference if you jump into that world for the first time. Jeff is a nice instructor, who make sure you get the concept of it, and most important , you’re not alone behind your computer. What they want for their reputation is you passing the final exam , so they make sure you get the best preparation to it. It’s not easy , but if you want it, you can do it.Lastly, I’m french and English is not my first language. I never had a problem understanding Jeff talking or explaining. That’s very important specially with all vocabulary you have to master.
The online coursework was easy to navigate and helped me fully understand the concepts to be able to pass my school exam. 10/10 recommend
American Reality Academy is one of your Arizona Local Real Estate Schools to help you with everything you need to know to pass your exams and more. Really had a positive experience with this school passing my school exam the second try with an 84%!! Then two days later passing my State exam! Jeff Davis and all at the American Reality Academy are there to help as much as they can. Most responses are from email which was a pretty quick response for me when I needed. I did call once and my call was returned and questions were answered. All the learning was done online at your own pace with really good videos! It's more than memorizing the material they really want you to know it. Good school/course for everything you need and affordable. Thank you Jeff Davis and American Reality Academy:)
American Realty Academy is the easiest and most cost efficient way to prepare for the real estate exam, their online platform is easy to navigate. You have arrived to the right place !
After doing some research, I decided to enroll with American Realty Academy. I am completely satisfied with the entire process. You are provided with everything you need to pass the exam. However, you do have to put in the time and effort to be successful. I encourage joining the live tutor sessions. That helped me a great deal in really understanding the concepts. The instructor Jeff is amazing. He replies to emails very quickly, and does everything he can to ensure you are prepared and successful. I highly recommend American Realty Academy.
I'm extremely glad I chose American Realty Academy. I passed my school exam AND my state exam on my first attempt. Jeff was extremely accessible, friendly and helpful. The exams were not easy and thanks to American Realty Academy I was adequately prepared.
Such a great facility. The instructor was so prompt to answer all my email questions and share addition learning tools. Great course easy to understand and follow along. Absolutely learn all your vocabularies and concepts to the point of memorizing them. Prepare, study throughly don’t speed through it and you will definitely Ace it! Jeff was a really fun teacher and gives great practice advice to pass pass pass!
I highly recommend American Realty Academy; I know there are many different real estate school options out there, but American Realty Academy is the best in my opinion. The online class is well designed, great layout and provided an excellent learning experience. Jeff Davis, the instructor adds bonus materials to highlight the really important areas and provides these great video recaps to better understand the material as well. A couple times I had some questions, and they were quickly answered. Jeff has so much experience & knowledge of our real estate market and truly has a passion for helping others. I passed the state exam on my 1st try and credit Jeff & American Realty Academy in providing me with a great knowledge base & the right tools to succeed.
I took the online Real Estate License program and am now a Realtor. Jeff Davis was amazing to work with. Although, all the schooling was online I was able to contact him directly whenever I needed. And when I need additional help, he sent me some zoom videos that helped pass the Person Vue on my first attempt! Great school - highly recommend.
You get out of any course what you put into it. There are a lot of concepts and terms in real estate. A lot of the material will be new to you, and it is not intrinsic, so study and repetition is imperative. It's just a lot for the brain to take in. The material is all there. When I had questions, Jeff answered them. He was great to work with. Bottom line--American Realty Academy has everything you need to pass the Pearson Vue exam and is a good value, but you have to put in the work. It won't happen overnight. Take Jeff's suggestions on how to study. Watch the videos, and take notes. I personally went through the course twice. The second time through, everything clicked. It prepared me for the course exam, and I passed the state exam on the first attempt.
I had a great experience with American Realty Academy! The course taught me a lot about the required information, and the instructor, Jeff, thoroughly answered all of the plethora of questions I had.
It is true everything you need to pass the real estate exam is provided. I highly recommend in addition to going through the course that you read the online book, review the concept questions, retake the quizzes, review the vocabulary, and watch the videos while taking your own notes as needed. Testing your knowledge is key.
ARA and Jeff (main instructor) are fantastic! Jeff has a way of knowing what you need to know and is really what makes this work. Affordable and full value!
I'm so grateful that American Realty Academy offered an all online Real-State Salesperson pre-licensure course! Although a recent reversion to the original A.R.S. required us to take the final exam in person, I'm glad I did because it helped me to focus more. I loved Jeff's energy and passion for his profession and the fact that he kept it real! The videos at the end of each session were especially helpful. Thank you ARA for providing a wonderful experience!
Great instructor, material and easy online navigation. I was able to pass my school exam and the Pearson Vue exam two weeks later, all on the first attempt. My questions were answered quickly via email while studying online and still working full-time over the last few months. I couldn't ask for more. I greatly appreciate Mr. Davis for the positivity and all the materials and instruction the school provided! Highly recommend!Todd
American Realty Academy was a wonderful online experience and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in obtaining their real estate license. The course was very self explanatory and the staff was very fast to respond. The information was straight forward and right to the point so it was easy to quickly learn and pass the exams. 10/10 and would definitely do it again.
I took my real estate salesperson class at American Realty Academy, and that was a very good decision I took. I attended the live classes of Jeff as well, and I must say Jeff is a very good tutor. He clears the concept very well.
I started my online classes with American Realty Academy in June and I’m now passing my state Exam, it was a lot to learn but the format and organization of the classes were very helpful, between the videos at the end of each module along with the questions and the flash cards, they are truly trying to make sure you have all the tools to become a successful and competent Real Estate Agent.Every time I had a question and called I had a quick answer, the instructor Jeff is very mindful and knowledgeable. I recommend American Realty Academy to anyone who is looking to get their real estate license with a school that is truly dedicated to make their students succeed and prosper.
I definitely recommend this realty school. The lesson modules, book, and the videos helped to thoroughly explain the material. My only issue was that there is a good amount of misspellings in the book. Hopefully they can fix that. The staff and instructor were always great about returning calls and answering e-mails. Thank you for helping me advance the pursuit of a new career!
I had such a great experience with my studies here. I would have LOVED to attend class in person, but Covid shut that dream down. The material was self paced and easy to understand. The videos were extra helpful! I stuck to the material and resources and did not use any other resources as instructed by Jeff. Honestly, there was no need to. If I had a question, I was able to email the instructor and get an answer fairly quickly.This program works! I felt completely prepared and confident going into each exam. Listen to Jeff! He won't steer you in the wrong direction. The study session led by him was EXTREMELY helpful. He was very honest about the exam and prepared the group for the type of questions on the exam and how they are designed/worded. His humor also made learning so much fun (another reason I would have loved to attend class in person). He is a wealth of knowledge and knows what he is talking about!!I passed the school and state exam the first time around. When in line for the state exam, I encountered a few people that we retaking the Pierson Vue exam. They had also explained to me that they had to take their school's exam multiple times. Now, I completely understand that everyone's comfort level with tests are different....BUT both of the individuals I spoke with attended the same school (which I will not name, just know it wasn't American Realty Academy). Now that I am working as a licensed Realtor, I have spoken to many other students of the school that the individuals I met attended....and they have all had similar experiences with the same school. Multiple exams and needing to use outside resources to understand the material. Test taking can be highly emotional, so I could imagine it being hard on one's confidence to have to retake exams (both school and state) multiple times.All in all, it makes me even happier that I chose American Realty Academy to study at and will continue to highly recommend the school. They really do prepare you for the exam itself as well as a little insight to life as a Realtor.So if you're looking for a school to prepare you to get in, get out, and get to your goal of obtaining your real estate license, look no further!
The realtor course was super informative and Jeff Davis is a great teacher. After already going through 3 home purchases in the past 5 years, I was very familiar with lots of the topics but still learned a tremendous amount of information.. Took me 10 days to take all the lessons, couple days to study & pass the school exam and then a few more days to study & pass the Puerson Vue exam on the first try! Would definitely recommend American Realty Academy!
I am so happy with this course. After taking the american business and realestate academy and feeling frustrated i enrolled in this course. The main teacher jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly articulates the information. He and the staff awnser your questions along the way. The material is easy to work through while giving you the knowledge you need. I recommend getting the gold level package. Thank you!
My experience with the school was overall excellent. The videos they offer by Jeff Davis, Are well taught easy to understand. When I needed any additional help, the school was more than willing to offer it. I was able to pass the school test on the first try and the state exam on the first try. My family and I are truly grateful for the help we received. Being able to have a career that will provide for my family is of great peace of mind for me.
I just finished the Prelicensing Education Course with American Realty Academy yesterday. I finished the course in about 10 days and I passed my school final exam in the very first attempt. The material was easy to understand. The instructor, Jeffrey, was very knowledgable, professional and did a great job of explaining the content in ways that made it really easy to remember. I would highly recommend this real estate school for anyone looking to get their AZ real estate education. I am extremely happy with my experience. I'm taking my state licensing exam in a few weeks and feel very confident in being prepared to take & pass the test. Thank you American Realty Academy!
Above and beyond my expectations!! When I had an issue with something Jeff was more than willing to accommodate me. Top notch!!! Highly recommend.
Jeff is AMAZING! He was so helpful and available during these crazy times. It took me a while to finish the course because I was working full time as a full time student and then corona happened. Jeff reassured me and was very helpful the whole way, I never felt hesitant to reach out to him because he’s a genuine person. Thank you so much!As far as the course I took it online, it’s easy to navigate and the way it’s set up makes it easy to study. The practice test at the end of each chapter are a MUST DO to help with the exams!
Excellent instructor, learned a lot!!!
Jeff is a great guy. It don’t get any better
Great Course. Took it ALL online. Had school exam proctored by a neighbor due to covid-19 and went on to PearsonVue to pass state exam the first time. Nothing took me by surprise. Any issue or question was promptly addressed and answered via email. Thanks Jeff. I'm now a proud agent over at Keller Williams Legacy One in Chandler! Just signed on Wednesday and looking forward to an outstanding career in Real Estate God willing.
Jeff did a great job reviewing and explaining the very important factors associated with real estate contract writing. I was surprised to see how in depth and extensive the forms and procedures are that's needed to transact the buying/selling of real estate in AZ. Jeff's presentation and coverage was casual, folksy, and with a bit of humor...all appreciated! Great job Jeff and thank you!
Jeff was very knowledgeable, experienced and shared many real life examples to make a point throughout the class. His sense of humor kept students engaged for the entire day. I would highly recommend this company and the instructor.
Took the Contract Writing Course online taught by Jeff and it was excellent. Jeff made the class fun, engaging, and packed full of information that is truly going to be useful for anyone entering the real estate business. So glad I chose this school! Thank you Jeff!!
Very good online class setting. Information was straight to the point and Mr. Davis would also answer my questions in a prompt and precise manner. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to get your AZ real estate license!
This was the best school by far. It has all things you need to learn for real estate. Jeff( the teacher) is quick to reply back with any questions you have and is overall a great teacher and is willing to help any student at any time. I highly recommend this school!
Would take many more classes. Made it verify fun.
Awesome class! A&Q 5*
I recommend this school. Take the class in person because the instructor Jeff is an amazing teacher.
Will highly recommend!
I came across this school while struggling to find extra help with passing the exam that the school I was attending did not offer. This school is a godsend and so was Jeff. I wish there were more teachers out there like him that actually made learning fun! He answered all of my questions and gave me the extra tools I needed to finally pass the exam.If you are thinking of going to other big real estate schools reconsider. This school gives you the personal attention and help that you need to be successful in this career. I wish I had found them sooner.Thanks!!Christy
I completed the online class through American Realty Academy. Any questions or concerns I had were quickly and efficiently answered. It was so nice to be able to go at a pace that worked for me and my busy schedule. The owner Jeffery Davis really cares about the success of his students, as well as making sure they understand the vast information that is covered. I took both the crash study course and the contract writing course with Jeff. I was blown away by how well he broke things down and made sense of confusing topics. A lot of times in life those who “can’t” teach. Not the case at American Realty Academy, the owner/teacher Jeff is also a successful real estate broker. Don’t hesitate to use American Realty Academy, as I am confident if you put in the work you will pass and actually learn and retain what you need to know. I just passed my state exam today on the FIRST try. Thanks again for all the help!
Awesome school! I earned my license from here last year and am doing great in real estate! So thankful for Jeff and his teaching!
Awesome class!! Jeff was amazing and very thorough!! It's his mission to prepare you for the state exam!! I'm ready!!
American Realty Academy takes a new and different approach to getting your real estate license. Instead of the same tired lectures, Jeff and his instructors share relevant real life experience that helps you understand the classes in a more personalized way. They even found a way to gamify portions of the instructions, making them easier to understand and fun to learn. I send my unlicensed applicats to him all the time and he has never let me down. Thanks Jeff and Steve for educating new realtors rather than just teaching them how to pass the test!!
Great teacher. If you don’t learn real estate from him, you probably won’t learn it at all...
Just finished my 90 hrs course, Jeff is just awesome, the way he explain is really clear and easy to understand all the information, very supportive, thanks Jeff you were very helpfull for me and please keep me up for the other courses that we talked about!! 😀
Excellent learning environment. Jeff is great teaching the essentials to pass the RE exam, but he also talks about interesting real life experiences. He is very supportive and if one person in the class has trouble with a topic, Jeff would not move on until everyone understands that topic. I really recommend this school.
Amazing Instructor....Jeff !!!!!Class was fun and engaging.Jeff's work experiences relating to the classes topics were great and in some cases hilarious really brought you into the real life of real estate.Jeff has a special talent for keeping the class on track and does not let the class get distracted with other topics not related to the material at that time but always addresses other questions when that specific topic is being taught.Really amazing I will be taking any continuing education classes with him as well...Thank you Jeff... It was my pleasure taking your class and I am excited to start my new career in Real Estate so enthusiastically because of you
I have just finished my 90-hour at American Realty Academy. I love the fact that the instructor/Broker, Jeff has been very supportive along the way. I love the way he presents the materials. Not only i think he is an experienced broker, but also he is a great teacher. Thank you! I highly recommend this school to those who are considering getting your real estate pre-licensing training done.
Great preparation for the exam. Jeff is a great instructor and gave each student, including myself, individual attention. If you want to learn the test and the real world of real estate, this is the place to go.
The small personalized classroom setting is ideal for anyone in the area seeking Real Estate licensing. The interactive approach, coupled with the instructors experience and ability to teach the material required is second to none. I have been in several industry related class room settings and ARA is significantly better at preparation than the other local options. I highly recommend American Realty Academy.
Nothing like learning from a teacher who actually does work in the field. His advice is worth listening and helpful to keep up with the business and find out your specialization.
An outstanding real estate school , I really appreciate Mr. Jeffrey for the wonderful program ,the teaching method encourages students to learn how to think critically.
First of all Jeff is an amazing instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. He would make sure you understand the information before moving on instead of just covering what was required. He would go over real life insight so that we can be successful in real life not just to pass a test. I truly am grateful that this is the academy that I chose to get my real estate license through. I recommend going her 100%!!!
Jeffery is such a great instructor , I feel like I’ve learned/ understood the concept of real estate more here taking contract writing then I do at my school . Needless to say I highly recommend taking classes here or even just your contract writing! It’s the best by far!

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Pass Your School Final Exam (State Required)


*Mimics the official test and acts as a gauge to determine your readiness. You will receive 2 attempts. If you do not pass, you will be issued a Comprehenisve Study Guide and a final 3rd exam attempt. This test must be taken at one of our Approved Testing Centers.

Step #4

Pass The Pearson Vue® Real Estate Exam (Official Exam)

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*This is the official exam and must be taken in person at an official testing location. You can find a list of testing locations on Pearson Vue’s website.

Step #5

Find A Brokerage to Work For

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*Before you “activate” your license, you must have a designated broker in Arizona that will allow you to work under their brokerage. This is an Arizona law and is commonly referred to as “hanging your license”. Simply put, all real estate agent salespersons must work for a broker. They cannot handle transactions legally without one. Therefore, the state wants you to make this arrangement and prove it prior to becoming an active agent.

With Arizona real estate booming, there is no shortage of brokerages to choose from!

Step #6

Activate Your License With The Arizona Department Of Real Estate!


*Finally, you will contact the Arizona Department Of Real Estate to activate your license!


This is a simplified synopsis of the process to obtain your Arizona Real Estate Salesperson License. There are also certain eligibility and finger print requirements to become a real estate agent. You may view a complete list of requirements on ADRE’s website.

Why Choose American Realty Academy?

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American Realty Academy is proud to host Arizona real estate license classes that don’t just help you pass the test, but also prepare you for the real world or real estate. Our instructors are all active real estate brokers eager to share their past experiences (both good and bad) in Arizona real estate transactions. We want to make sure that no student feels left behind and no question goes unanswered. At American Realty Academy, you aren’t just a number, you’re our guest and our instructors, administrators, and owners look forward to getting to know you on a first-name basis. Learn more about How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona.

We are a fully approved and accredited Arizona real estate school by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. See for yourself by checking ADRE’s website here just search for “American Realty Academy”

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Note: While you don’t have to take it at our school, the Contract Writing Course is legally required for all new agents. Learn more below or call for more info!

Arizona Real Estate License Online FAQ

Can You Get Your Real Estate License In Arizona Online?

Yes, while Arizona took longer than most states, the statutes changed in 2019 to allow real estate training to be conducted 100% online. This was also extended to contract writing courses in 2021. The only in person requirement that still exists is for testing.

Do You Charge For The School Final Exam?

We (American Realty Academy) do not charge for school final exam attempts. However, the proctoring location you take the exam at, will most likely charge a proctoring fee. View a list of our current proctor locations.

What If I Fail The School Final Exam?

While rare, sometimes students do require additional study and testing. After failing the first attempt of the school final exam, the student will have the opportunity to self study and then make a second school final exam attempt. If the second school final exam is failed, then the student will complete a Comprehensive Study Guide to address weak areas. At which point, a 3rd final exam will be given. Should the student fail the 3rd attempt, they will be required to retake the 90 hour course.

How Soon Can I Finish?

Arizona Department Of Real Estate requirements restrict your learning to 10 hours per day. Meaning you could complete your training in as little as 10 days.

How Long Do I Have To Finish?

Due to the ever changing nature of real estate and state requirements, we are always updating our material. With this in mind, we provide you with 6 months to complete the courses that you are enrolled in (including the school final exam).

Are The Classes Held On A Specific Schedule?

With the exception of the optional Gold Plan – Virtual Group Tutoring Course (live instructor/held once a month) all of our real estate courses are 100% on demand. Meaning you take them at your own pace and on your own time schedule.

How Soon Can I Start?

You may start instantly as soon as you enroll, any day, any time!

Is Online Arizona Real Estate School Approved For Credit?

Yes! Learn more about how the regulations changed in 2019 by reading Can You Get Your Arizona Real Estate License Online?