Why We Think We Are The Best AZ Real Estate School

Why we started American Realty Academy

In 2018, we noticed a lack of quality real estate education in the industry. Determined to revolutionize real estate education, we established our very own real estate school in Arizona. Our aim was to provide agents with not just the knowledge to pass exams, but also the skills to thrive in the real estate field.

Often at other schools, students would enroll in pre-licensure education courses and find themselves in crowded classrooms, surrounded by peers all striving for success. Unfortunately, many of these students realized that simply passing a test did little to guarantee their future achievements. That’s why we made it our mission to collaborate with the finest institutions in the industry and work closely with educators to develop a superior teaching approach. Over time, we’ve expanded our teaching to include online courses, offering students a convenient and personalized learning experience from anywhere in the world.

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Accredited by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate

We’re fully accredited by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate (ADRE)!

View our credentials on the ADRE Website.

Over a year’s worth of work went into designing our 90 hour curriculum before submitting it to ADRE, with much thought put into the way required information was broken down. Most importantly, our syllabus was created with the consultation of experienced real estate brokers and educators. Ensuring our students the best possible learning experience. Since creating our pre-license salesperson curriculum, we’ve expanded to online training, real estate Continuing Education, Contract Writing Courses and more!

ADRE Approved Arizona Real Estate School

Let Us Prove It To You, That We Are The Best AZ Real Estate School

Before online education was approved for AZ real estate school, our focus was on small classrooms and teaching through example, along with interactive study material. Once online Arizona real estate license training was approved in 2019, we applied the same student-centered approach to our online courses. Our curriculum highlights our educator’s real-world success and teaches the “Why” behind real estate, rather than just focusing on passing the exam. By sharing their mistakes and successes, our students can learn from our educators. What sets us apart is that we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, unlike many other online schools.

Any student can read a book or watch a simple video and eventually pass an exam. We want students to be successful real estate agents, not just certificate holders. Come to our AZ real estate school. Learn from the best. Learn from our collective years of wisdom and set yourself up for a future in Arizona Real Estate!

A Phoenix real estate school

Why waste your time with out-of-state schools trying to offer Arizona real estate license classes online from a distance? We’re different. We’re right here in Phoenix, Arizona, and we always have been. Our online courses are top-notch, written by experienced Arizona real estate brokers who genuinely care about the quality of new agents in our local market. Sure, the training is online, but having a physical office right here in Arizona makes all the difference for our students.

That’s why many students from other schools end up coming to us for help!

We’re a local, personal, and fully accredited AZ real estate school that offers all the necessary training you need, at a great price. Why go anywhere else for your real estate license training?

Best AZ real estate school

American Realty Academy FAQs

Is Your School Based In Arizona Or Are You From Out Of State?

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona and have been since our beginning 2018.

Why Should I Choose A Local Arizona Real Estate School?

Our instructors care about the quality of training that new agents in the local Arizona market receive as graduating students will one day, become our peers in the industry. Additionally, Arizona was not a state that we had to “learn” to write our material. We were already well versed in its laws, procedures and concepts from the beginning. Finally, having a physical presence in Phoenix, allows students to visit our office and complete their school exam for no additional fee. Wouldn’t it make sense that the best AZ real estate school for you would be actually based in Arizona?

Do You Offer Online Or In Person Classes?

While we do sometimes conduct in person classes, we primarily offer online real estate training for salesperson and continuing education.

Do You Accept Students From Other Schools?

While ADRE rules require any new student to complete our material from the beginning if we are going to issue a certificate (you cannot transfer your progress), we do on many occasions provide exam prep services to students from other schools as a supplement to their learning. Our personal service and local knowledge have allowed us to help many students pass their exams at other schools, even if they weren’t our students originally. Learn about our test prep services.

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