Why You Should Choose Us As Your Phoenix Real Estate School

There are any number of ways in which someone ‘learns’ Real Estate. The sheer volume of books can’t be counted on how to succeed in Real Estate, but, what is in a book is often what made someone else successful. By going to a ‘school’ one would hope to learn how to be successful as well, but in most cases the traditional schools teach you only how to pass the test. Anyone can pass a test, but can anyone succeed in real life?

American Realty Academy identified this as one of the main points as to why many newly licensed agents are not achieving their true potential. The goal isn’t to pass a test – the goal is to SUCCEED. Passing a simple test is far from making you experienced or even remotely successful. In order to truly succeed in Arizona real estate, you need an Arizona real estate school that embodies success in every lecture, taught by successful active and exceptionally knowledgeable instructors!

American Realty Academy’s philosophy in teaching is simple, “Excellence in Real Estate Starts Here.” We teach not only how to pass the exam, but the WHY, the HOW, the WHAT IF’s and WHAT NOT’s of real life. This is based on years of the instructors highs and lows, successes and failures, pros and cons; in other words, REAL LIFE experiences.

All too often we take students from other schools who can’t pass their exams for whatever reason – and we get them to pass on their first attempt. That is not bragging, that is truth. The blending of text book based facts with real life examples is the only way to grasp what is being taught and why.

Would you rather read a thick text book or listen and learn from the best of the best? Would you rather fly an airplane after reading a book or sit next to a seasoned pilot on your first flight? The answer is simple, so should your passing the exams after learning from the best. In Arizona, the best is American Realty Academy – the choice is yours to make. Fly solo or with an experienced instructor?

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