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Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep Online

Get Straight To The Point With Our Focused Test Prep!

Online Exam Prep | $49

Any Student From Any School Is Welcome To Enroll

Specific Bullet Point - to the point - informational PDF’s on some of the most missed questions on the exam!

A copy of the American Realty Academy book, broken down into bullet points, not some boring text book.

Math Explainer Videos by the Lead Instructor shows you how to use the “T” and other methods.

Math Practice Questions and Explanations that show you the way to navigate each type of math question.

288 Short Conversational Question and Answer to prepare you for the real life types of questions you will encounter.

Flash Cards to enhance your knowledge by reviewing specific terms found in Pearson Vue.

18 End of Session Comprehensive exam questions based on the chapters and sessions in the book.

2 additional final exam test preps.

The more you see and practice, the more you will know where you need to focus!

Detailed answers to each wrong question, if you thought you were right, wait till you see why this answer was ‘better’.

Frequently asked questions about the exam and how to navigate getting your license and MORE!

Comes with full LIVE instructor support. Meaning, if you have questions along the way, a Phoenix based real estate instructor is available to help!

Why Choose American Realty Academy?

American Realty Academy is proud to host Arizona real estate license classes that don’t just help you pass the test, but also prepare you for the real world or real estate. Our instructors are all active real estate brokers eager to share their past experiences (both good and bad) in Arizona real estate transactions. What makes our teaching even more effective, is our refusal to take on more than 20 students per class! We want to make sure that no student feels left behind and no question goes unanswered. At American Realty Academy, you aren’t just a face in the back of the room, you’re our guest and our instructors, administrators and owners look forward to getting to know you on a first name basis.

We are a fully approved and accredited Arizona real estate school by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. See for yourself by checking ADRE’s website here https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/SearchSchools.aspx just search for “American Realty Academy”

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