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We Are The Alternative To Overcrowded AZ Real Estate Schools.

Hello! We (Jeff and Steven) noticed years ago that there was a decline in educated professionals in the real estate industry. Making it our goal to change the way real estate schools educated students, we started our AZ real estate school. Whereby agents would have the education background to not only pass the exam, but also to succeed at real estate.

Too often, students would take pre-licensure education courses and find themselves in a huge classroom. Surrounded by those with the same goals of success. And, all too common, those same students found that just being able to pass a test did little to ensure their success. Our goal was to partner with the industries best institutions and coordinate with educators to develop a better way to teach students.

Most importantly, we focused on small classrooms and teaching by example, combined with interactive study material. Highlighting or educator’s years of success in the real world within our curriculum. Bringing the “Why we do this” to the our AZ real estate school, instead of “just learn this to pass the exam.” Therefore, by presenting the reason behind many of the more complex facets of Real Estate, we enable our students to learn from our educator’s mistakes and successes.

Any student can read a book or watch a simple video and eventually pass an exam. We want students to be able to be successful real estate agents, not just certificate holders.

Come to our AZ real estate school. Learn from the best. Learn from our collective years of wisdom and to set yourself up for a future in Arizona Real Estate!

– Steven & Jeff

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Our team

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Administrator & Founder

Jeffrey’s background in Arizona real estate spans over 2 decades including experience in new home sales, time shares, 1031 exchanges and acting as designated broker of his own brokerage. As a top 1% producing AZ real estate agent, Jeffrey brings this real world experience to the classroom as an instructor and administrator.

american realty academy founder 2



Steven’s focus is on the digital customer experience including website, marketing and the checkout process. With over 15 years of experience as a professional pilot, Steven also brings to our curriculum, many of the same “get to the point” training techniques that aviation uses to train pilots. He is also currently an airline pilot for a major US airline.

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Kristen manages all day to day customer communications including social media, customer service and managing the 50-150 emails that we receive per day! Her background as an active Arizona real estate agent and former student of American Realty Academy, makes her the perfect fit for answering our customer’s questions.


Learning Management Technology

Shahzad is a professional instructional designer who joined our team recently. He assisted in our Moodle integration and now actively takes part in the implementation and design of courses for our Learning Management Systems. His influence and design lead to an adoption of blended learning and teaching techniques through the innovative use of technologies. We are happy to have him join us!

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