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How Nevada online real estate school works

Becoming a licensed real estate salesperson in Nevada involves meeting several specific requirements set by the State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Real Estate Division. Whether you are a new applicant or seeking reciprocity because you’re licensed in another state, understanding these requirements is crucial to your success in the real estate field.

General Requirements for All Applicants

  • Complete the Application: Submit a fully completed application Form 549.
  • Education: You must provide proof of completing the required education or have equivalent licensed experience.
  • The total pre-licensing education required is 120 hours, divided as follows:
    • 45 hours or 3 college credits in Real Estate Principles.
    • 45 hours or 3 college credits in Real Estate Law, including 18 hours of Nevada law.
    • 15 hours in contracts related to real estate transactions (Nevada-specific course).
    • 15 hours in agency, including foundational aspects of the broker and agent relationship and risk reduction (Nevada-specific course).
  • Fingerprinting: Submit the fingerprint verification form issued by an approved Nevada Fingerprint Vendor (authorized vendor list). Note that fingerprints are valid for six months.
  • Examination: Pass the Nevada State and general exams within the last 12 months. Out-of-state applicants applying for an equivalent license aren’t required to retake the general exam. Learn about the exam and the exam provider PearsonVue.
  • Prior License History: If you’ve held a real estate license in the past ten years in any state, provide a certified license history from that state.


Non-Nevada Residents: Complete the notarized “Consent to service of process” Form 656.

Fees: The fee for a salesperson license is $140.00

Reciprocity for Out-of-State Applicants

Nevada offers reciprocity for salesperson licenses with several states. To qualify for a reciprocal Nevada Salesperson license, you must:

  • Hold a current real estate license in a reciprocal state.
  • Complete the Nevada state exam.
  • Meet the fingerprinting and non-resident requirements mentioned above.

Additional Considerations

  • New Agents: All new real estate agents must take the 12-Hour New Agent Course, the 3-Hour Mandatory Course, and an additional 3 hours of CE (either Core Topic or Elective).
  • Inactive Licenses: CE is not required to renew an inactive license, but upon activation, you must comply with the active licensee CE requirements.


* This is a simplified outline of the process to obtain your Nevada Real Estate License online. It may not be complete or accurate, you may view the latest and complete requirements on NRED’s website.

Nevada Real Estate License Online FAQ

How many hours of pre-licensing education are required for a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license?

A total of 120 hours, including specific courses in Real Estate Principles, Law, Contracts, and Agency.

Do I need to submit fingerprints for a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license application?

Yes, all applicants must submit fingerprints via an approved Nevada Fingerprint Vendor.

Can I apply for a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license if I'm licensed in another state?

Yes, Nevada offers reciprocity with several states. You’ll need to pass the Nevada state exam and meet other specified requirements.

What is the fee for a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license application?

The application fee for a salesperson license is $140, with additional fees for credit card payments.

Is continuing education required to renew an inactive Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license?

No, CE is not required for renewing an inactive license, but CE compliance is necessary when changing to an active license status.

What states does Nevada have real estate agent reciprocity with?

Nevada has reciprocity for Salespersons and Brokers in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington & West Virginia

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