Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing

Published: February 1st, 2022

The Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing Process

Arizona requires all new agent applicants to obtain a finger print clearance card before activating their Salesperson license.

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Please note, this does NOT preclude you from starting real estate school, testing or completing your contract writing course. It just must be done before you “activate” your license, the last step in the licensing process.

Initial Steps

  1. Visit The Arizona Department Of Public Safety finger printing website.
  2. Of the 5 blue boxes on the screen, select “Continue” under the “Fingerprint Clearance Card” box.
  3. Then, you are presented with 2 options, select “Request a Replacement / Apply for a Card for Myself or Someone Else” and then select “Continue” on the bottom right.
  4. It’s at this point that you have two choices, complete your application online or mail in a paper one:


Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing ADRE

Choice #1: Online Application (Generally Faster)

  1. Below the log in info, click on “Don’t have an account? It’s easy to create one
  2. Complete all questions then “create account
  3. Once you’ve verified your account, log in with your email and password
  4. Then repeat the previous Initial Steps 2 & 3 above
  5. At this point, you will enter your information

*Real estate agents are NOT required to obtain an IVP Clearance card

*Your “Reason For Applying” will be “AZ Department of Real Estate – Licensure ARS § 32-2108.01

6. Once your application is complete and fee paid ($67 as of 02/01/2022) you will receive info from DPS on scheduling your actual fingerprinting appointment at an approved 3rd party provider.


Choice #2: Paper Application

  1. Above the log in area, select “Continue As Guest”
  2. Then select “Apply for a new clearance card” and then “Non IVP”
  3. An application will download with further instructions
  4. To summarize though, you will need to find an approved finger printing provider and then once finger printed, mail the application, finger prints and fee to DPS for processing.


*All data considered to be accurate at time of publication but each person should independently verify any and all data with the appropriate source.