What To Know For The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Last Update: May 31st, 2022

What To Know For The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Starting your Arizona Real Estate career will involve a lot of training and hard work but the potential rewards are well worth the effort. While completing your 90 hour course (and even the 6 hour contract writing course) comprehending the material is key. Should you not understand something, don’t simply move on. Stop and re-assess the material on your own and if you still don’t understand, be sure to reach out to your school/instructor. While it may be tempting to “skip ahead”, the material of the 90 hour course builds on itself. So if you miss a concept in the beginning, not understanding that down the line could make other concepts harder to understand.

This is important before you commit to the testing portion of your training, as many concepts are easily misread/misinterpreted when taking the Arizona Real Estate Exam.

Where To Start Before Taking The Arizona Real Estate Exam

To begin, you should know what to know for the Arizona real estate exam. This is made simple by the state’s contracted testing provider Pearson Vue. On Pearson Vue’s Arizona Real Estate page you can download the latest version of the Content Outline. Once downloaded, scroll down to “Content Outline for Real Estate Salesperson” (normally page 2). There you will find the list of everything you need to know to pass their exam. This list is also covered in the video below.

What to know for the Arizona Real Estate Exam

Some “Gotchas” To Watch Out For

It’s no secret that the Arizona real estate exam is challenging. Many of the questions are worded in such a way that it may seem that they are trying to trick you. Here are some important “gotchas” to help prepare you. 

A big area that tends to hurt student’s scores is vocabulary. Knowing specifically what all of the real estate buzz words are, exactly what they mean in their entirety and (this is a big one) the differences between similar words is critical.

For instance, many assume ‘Deed’ and ‘Deed of Trust’ are synonyms for one another. While they do contain the same word, they are in fact completely different.

Likewise, you should also know how to apply vocabulary terms in refence to real estate transactions. As an example, you may know the definition of a ‘Title’, but cannot explain its complexity. Similarly, the use of “-OR” and “-EE” (ex. lendOR vs. lendEE) can completely change your answers on the exam.

One more misunderstood concept is that of ‘Dual Agency’. Many students are aware of the term, yet aren’t able to explain who represents who.

Learn What Is The Arizona Real Estate Exam Like?

What to expect for the Arizona Real Estate Exam

 To conclude, completing the course amounts to nothing if you cannot understand what you were taught. Your best plan of action is to:

  • Know what’s on the exam
  • Never move on in the material without understanding what you were just taught
  • Be sure to place a special emphasis on vocabulary words

Remember, this also isn’t just about “passing the test”. Once you get into the real world of Arizona real estate, you will need to be able to use all of these terms and training for yourself and future clients. Your career will depend on it.

Please Note: ADRE and Pearson Vue do from time to time change regulations, requirements and prices and this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may view a complete and current list of requirements on the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s website and the Pearson Vue Arizona Real Estate website.