What is Arizona Real Estate School Like?

Last Update: December 19th, 2021

What is Arizona Real Estate School Like?

AZ Real Estate School

A common question we receive is “what is Arizona real estate school like?” While that can be a vague question resulting in a very long answer, we’ve found that it usually means that someone is trying to understand what the material is all about and how the process goes.

A common misconception is that real estate school teaches you how to “sell” real estate. While yes the rules and regulations are covered that involve transactions, actual selling/marketing techniques are usually not covered. Why you ask? Because the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires that schools teach 90 hours of material with very specific topics that must be covered. None of which involve teaching people how to sell. There simply isn’t any room in the courses for it and lets be honest, do you really want to be studying things that you won’t be tested on on the final exam?

Back to the original question though, “what is Arizona real estate school like?” Schools have either the option of offering live “in person” courses or online on demand module type courses. There are pros and cons to either of these options and it really depends on the person taking the material and what works best.

What You Need To Know To Enter Your New Career

Arizona real estate license career

Let’s go over what’s encompassed in the Arizona real estate salesperson course; the length of the course is 90 hours long with a total of 27 subjects covered (list provided below). After or during the 90 hour course (your choice) an additional 6 hour course is required by the state that covers contract law, commonly referred to as the Contract Writing Course or Introduction To Contract Writing. It may seem like a lot to learn, but it is essential to be deeply familiar with these concepts in order to pass the Final Exam and more importantly, operate legally and effectively in the Arizona real estate industry.

  • Real Estate Statutes
  • Commissioner’s Rules
  • Agency Relationships & Managerial Duties
  • Contract Law
  • Property Interests, Estates, & Tenancies
  • Government Rights in Real Property
  • Income Tax Aspects
  • AZ Water Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Land Descriptions
  • Land Development
  • Encumbrances
  • Acquisitions/Transfer of Title
  • Escrow & Settlement
  • Fair Housing & ADA
  • Leases & Leasehold Estates
  • AZ Residential Landlord Tenant Act
  • Property Management
  • Property Insurance & Warranties
  • Appraisals
  • Primary & Secondary Markets/Financing Concepts
  • Residential & Commercial Financing
  • Financing Documents
  • Deed of Trust Foreclosure
  • Disclosure & Consumer Protection
  • Math Calculations
  • Cooperative Nature of Real Estate

Completion of the 90 hour pre-license course, along with the 6 hour contract writing course, will complete the training required towards attaining your Arizona Real Estate Salesperson License. You may Learn more about How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona or view our online course packages using the link below.

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Please Note: ADRE does from time to time change regulations and requirements and this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may view a complete and current list of requirements on the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s website.