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Real Estate Math Prep

Real Estate Math Prep | $19

An Online Course That Teaches You Common Real Estate Math Subjects!

Struggling With Real Estate Math? Through Self Paced Video Learning, We Cover The Follow Subjects:

Tax Math
Net Proceeds
Property Tax Math
Math Made Easy docs
Basic Real Estate Math (Volume/Area)
Lending & Loans
Agent Commissions
Property Valuation (Appraisals,
Appreciation & Depreciation)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

This Real Estate Math Prep Applies Nationwide!
(Not Just To Arizona)

online arizona real estate school instructor

Meet Jeffrey Davis,
Administrator & Lead Instructor

As a top 1% producing real estate agent and broker in Arizona, Jeff brings real world experience to our real estate math prep course. Throughout your online class, Jeff will introduce, provide examples, and answer common real estate math problems found on the real estate exam. American Realty Academy has always been known for its personal touch and we are determined to carry that reputation to the online classroom.

Why Choose American Realty Academy?

American Realty Academy is proud to host real estate license training that doesn’t just help you pass the test, but also prepare you for the real world or real estate. Our instructors are all active real estate brokers eager to share their past experiences (both good and bad) in real estate transactions. 

We are a fully approved and accredited Arizona real estate school by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. See for yourself by checking ADRE’s website here https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/SearchSchools.aspx just search for “American Realty Academy”

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