American Realty Academy Focus Real Estate Agent

Highlighting The Success Of Our Students In Arizona Real Estate

This Week’s Agent: Bill Babyar


Bill Babyar Is A Real Estate Agent At Brokers Only llc

What has been your biggest transaction so far or how many transactions have you done since getting your license?

Since obtaining my license, I have completed nearly 2.5 million dollars in sales. (Not bad for part-time!)

What marketing tool has worked best for you when it comes to bringing in clients?

Word of mouth and just being aware has been my best tool. I’ve had multiple closing happen by simply meeting people randomly and hearing they’re looking for a house. Be willing to inform them that you have your license and be okay if they say “No”. You’ll never get the sale if you don’t ask.

What advice do you have for people considering becoming an agent or for students who just got licensed?

Getting my license was the best decision I’ve made involving my professional career. It has been a great secondary source of income!

How did the school’s program/Jeff help you to pass the Pearson Vue exam and be successful as an agent?

Jeff is BY FAR the best teacher I could have asked for! He explains everything and I felt completely prepared going into my assessments!