Requirements for Arizona Real Estate CE (2024 Guide)

The Full And Complete Guide To Renewing Your Real Estate License In Arizona

General Requirements

Arizona real estate continuing education requirements mandate that all active real estate agents complete Continuing Education every 24 calendar months. As an example, if you became licensed May 5th, 2022, your renewal would be due May 31st (the last day of the month), 2024. Which courses you must take depends on your license level and whether or not you have a current Contract Writing Course (1st time going through the process). In this guide, we will cover these requirements, the process, costs and more.

It is highly recommended to take your CE classes throughout your 24 month period and don’t procrastinate. This both prevents cramming all of your courses in the last month before you’re due and more importantly, promotes learning and proficiency in real estate throughout the 24 month period. CE is there not just to be completed, but to ensure that Arizona agents are able to provide the highest quality service to clients in Arizona!

6 Steps To Renewing Your Arizona Real Estate License

Step #1

Complete Your Required Courses

complete ce courses

Complete the required courses for your license and situation. Be sure to obtain course completion certificates for each course from your course provider.

Step #2

Access The Arizona Department Of Real Estate Licensing System

ADRE log in

Go To ADRE’s Real Estate Licensing System and log in. If it is your first time logging in, you will need your License Number, SSN and DOB to register.

Step #3

Submit Your CE Courses And Other Information

submit ce courses

Upload all required course completion certificates for the CE courses that you have taken for the current period. Depending on your situation, you may also need to upload:

  • Proof of ‘legal presence’ which shows the right to work in the US. Note, this may have already been done when you first obtained your license.
  • As a Broker, you must also include your ‘Broker Audit Declaration’ forms.
  • If you are a ‘PC or PLLC’ you will need to show a certificate of good standing as well to the department.

Step #4

Disclosures & License Updates


After submitting your CE credits, you will need to fill out the required disclosures and submit any updates to your license if applicable.

Step #5

Pay The Real Estate License Renewal Fee

pay license fee

Once the CE credits and the forms are filled out and submitted, you must pay the applicable fees to ADRE. The fee cost will vary depending on how you submit your application and the current status of the Arizona Real Estate Recovery Fund.

Step #6

Renew Your License!

successful Arizona real estate license renewal

Upon successful renewal of the license, your status will be updated online immediately for all to see and your employing broker can also access this as proof of you having done it timely.

Which CE Classes Do I Need To Take?

There are 3 scenarios listed below that determine which classes you need to take, Salesperson, 1st time Salesperson renewal and Broker.

Keep in mind that in Arizona, ADRE also allows you to take these courses in 3 different formats:

  • Live Classroom
  • Distance Learning (self paced CBT)
  • Host Remote (Live virtual such as through Zoom)

*There is no requirement to take all of your courses in the same format.

which CE courses to take

Arizona Salesperson License (Not 1st Time)

You must complete 24 Hours Of Continuing Education, Consisting Of:

    • Agency Law (3 hours)
        • Classes where the majority of material concerns Agency relationships, fiduciary duty and disclosures.
    • Contract Law (3 hours)
        • Classes where the majority of material covers contracts, their formation, implementation and the results of usage.
    • Commissioner’s Standards (3 hours)
        • A course covering Arizona license law including specific areas of the A.R.S. and the Arizona Constitution.
    • Disclosure Course (3 hours)
        • A course concerning licensee’s, buyer’s and seller’s disclosure obligations plus more.
    • Fair Housing (3 hours)
        • A class covering equal opportunity in Housing including zoning, ADA and diversity.
    • Legal Issues (3 hours)
        • A course covering real estate law including those that apply to agents, land, tenants, landlords and more.
    • Two General Electives (6 hours)
        • Two classes concerning real estate but that do not fall within another category.

    1st Time Salesperson

    You must also complete 24 Hours Of Continuing Education however, you’ve most likely completed 6 of those hours before you even activated your license!

      ADRE allows you to apply your Contract Writing Course towards your required hours. It qualifies for 6 hours of CE (3.0 Hrs of Contract Law & 3.0 Hrs of Real Estate Legal Issues). Leaving you with just 18 hours of additional CE to complete.

      Arizona Broker Renewal

      As a real estate Broker in Arizona, it should come as no surprise that you have expanded CE requirements. Brokers complete 30 Hours of Continuing Education every 24 months in AZ.

      Brokers require a 9 hour (3 part/3 hour) Broker Management Clinic (BMC) in addition to the Salesperson courses above. The BMC meets the Commissioner’s Standards requirements, thus removing the requirement to take the separate Commissioner’s Standards course. 21 + 9 = 30hr.

      What Is The Cost Of AZ Real Estate CE?

      Continuing Education School Cost

      We surveyed 10 providers and found these to be the average costs for course packages.

      • 18 Hour 1st Time:          $67 (Not offered by all schools)
      • 24 Hour Salesperson:   $93
      • 30 Hour Broker:             $116


      State (Government) Costs

      • IN PERSON:               $125
      • ONLINE:                     $60
      • Late Filing Fee (online or in person):   $125
      • *Recovery Fund Fee                                $10

      * In some instances, you will pay an additional $10 if the recovery fund were to drop below $600,000, but at this time, that fee is waived.

      CE Cost

      What If I Am Late Renewing My Real Estate License?

      Late Renewals

      • If you file late, your license enters into a Grace Period of up to ONE YEAR.
      • During this time, you can NOT act as or earn commission as a licensed real estate agent.
      • If filling late, the ADRE fee goes up to $125.
      Late CE Renewal

      FAQ & Summary

      How Many Hours Of CE Are Required To Renew You Arizona Salesperson License?

      ADRE requires 24 hours of CE within 24 months of renewing your license.

      How Many Hours Of CE Are Required For An Arizona Broker License Renewal?

      ADRE requires 30 hours of CE within 24 months of renewing your license. The additional hours are from the 9 hour BMC course requirement (Which also counts for the 3 hour Commissioner’s Standards requirement). 24 + 9 – 3 = 30 hours.

      What If I Am Late Renewing My Real Estate License With ADRE?

      Your license enters into a Grace period of up to 1 year. You may NOT act as an agent or earn a commission during this time.

      How Much Does It Cost To Renew An Arizona Real Estate License?

      A survey of 10 AZ CE providers showed an average price of $93 for a 24 Hour package.  Additionally, ADRE fees range from $60 online to $125 in person (or if you’re in your grace period). A $10 recovery fund fee may also apply.

      Note: Some situations are unique and laws and procedures may have changed since this article was last updated. You may view the latest CE requirements on ADRE’s website.

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