Is Online Real Estate School Right For You?

With A Near 100% Shift To Virtual Learning, Is Online Real Estate School Right For You?

Published: August 3rd, 2020

Is Online Real Estate School Right For You? (Online Vs. Live Classes)

Being a school that offers both options (no live classes until 2021 for us), we agree that online real estate school isn’t for everyone.

Perfect Timing

The Covid-19 Pandemic created a seismic shift to online learning for all fields of study, real estate school included. Believe it or not, just last year the Arizona Department of Real Estate began allowing online real estate classes for the first time ever. This has allowed students in 2020 to continue their training and obtain their real estate license.

Advantages Of Online Classes

100% Self-Paced: You are on your own schedule which can help you balance home/work life with your education.

Start Immediately: Rather than wait for the next live class to start, you can start today!

Zero Classroom Time: We think our classroom is nice, but we know people don’t enjoy sitting in it for 90 hours. With online training, you can take it anywhere you’d like.

Disadvantages Of Online Classes

Lack Of Camaraderie: We’ve watched our live classes learn together and friendships start. With online learning, it is just you and the instructor.

Structure: Some people prefer the structure of having a live class at the same time everyday.

Meet Jeffrey Davis,
Administrator & Lead Instructor

We are a Phoenix, AZ-based real estate school with a focus on giving each student a personal experience whether it is a live or online class. Our head instructor, Jeffr Davis ensures that students receive the attention that they deserve. Whether training for your real estate license online or in person, you’ll never feel left out at American Realty Academy.

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