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How To Get A Real Estate License In Arizona

Published: April 15th, 2021

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states for good reason. It is known to have great weather, bountiful jobs, low taxes and an affordable cost of living. Now if you sense opportunity, you are right. Someone needs to service all of these buyers and sellers – and it should be you! But, you need a real estate license in Arizona to start, so how do you get a real estate license in Arizona?

Easy. You can take the required 90 hours of education online or in person as well as the 6 hour required contract writing course. Once you pass the school’s 90 hours of education, you can schedule the exam with Pearson Vue, the state testing center. Once you pass the Pearson Vue exam with a 75% or higher, you pass a background check and have completed your contract writing course of 6 hours. You’ll fill out some State disclosures you are ready to apply to the Arizona Department of Real Estate for your license. Though you will be considered “inactive” until you hire on with a broker. Then, it’s up to you!

After you are licensed, you can work in new home sales, commercial, residential, land, or many other avenues. Arizona, is ripe with opportunity, and it’s yours for the taking! What is holding you back? Get your license today!

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