How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In Arizona

Whether You Choose To Get Your Arizona Real Estate License Online Or In Person, All Successful Agents Have The Same Traits.

Published: July 25th, 2020

1) Being personable and upbeat

If you can’t imagine talking to people about the endless opportunities that real estate affords, then a career in real estate isn’t for you.

2) Solid work ethic

Let’s face it if you are not a self-starter, and self-motivated, real estate isn’t a career for you.

3) Ability to ask for the sale or referral

Selling is an art, and if you can’t sell or are afraid to ask for referrals, real estate isn’t the career for you.

4) Love of all things real estate, including becoming an expert in an area

 If working from home a couple of hours a week is all you expect to do, real estate isn’t a career for you.

5) You find happiness in helping others to succeed

If coordinating multiple people roles to get a potentially huge reward seems stressful to you, real estate isn’t a career for you.

Requirements To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona (2022)


In addition to these traits, its also important to ensure that you qualify and are willing to complete the schooling.

View the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) requirements.

You may also view a summary of these requirements by reading our guide “How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona

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