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Arizona Real Estate Contract Writing Course

6 Hour Contract Writing Course
$49 USD

-Next Online Live Video Webinars:

September 30th, 2020| 5pm-11pm

-Real World Contract Knowledge
-Meets ADRE State Requirements
-Also Known As "Introduction To Contract Writing"
***Special ADRE authorization to conduct class remotely***
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Meet Jeffrey Davis,
Administrator & Lead Instructor

As a top 1% producing real estate agent/broker in Arizona, Jeff brings real world experience to the classroom. Throughout your contract writing course, as your instructor, Jeff will field all questions that you have and give personal explanations, supporting documents and real world examples! American Realty Academy has always been known for its personal touch and that reputation starts with Jeff Davis.

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What Is An Arizona Real Estate Contract Writing Course?

The contract writing course, also referred to as “introduction to contract writing” covers 6 hours of material for future real estate agents. Subjects include: participation in drafting contracts to purchase real property, listing agreements and lease agreements. All in relation to Arizona real estate law. This fulfills the requirements of ARS 32-2124(L).

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Why Choose American Realty Academy

American Realty Academy is proud to host Arizona real estate contract writing courses and pre-license classes that don’t just help you pass the test, but also prepare you for the real world or real estate. Therefore, our instructors are all active real estate brokers and eager to share their past experiences in Arizona real estate. What makes our teaching even more effective, is our refusal to take on more than 20 students per class! We want to make sure that no student feels left behind and no question goes unanswered. Above all, at American Realty Academy, you aren’t just a face in the back of the room, you’re our guest. Our instructors, administrators and owners look forward to getting to know you on a first name basis!

We are a fully approved and accredited Arizona real estate school by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. See for yourself by checking ADRE’s website here https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/SearchSchools.aspx just search for “American Realty Academy”

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