Arizona Real Estate Contract Writing Course

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6 Hour Contract Writing Course


100% Online and On-Demand!

Meets ADRE State Requirements

Also Known as “Introduction To Contract Writing”

What is an Arizona real estate Contract Writing Course?

Arizona real estate contract writing course

The Contract Writing Course also referred to as “Introduction To Contract Writing” covers 6 hours of material for future real estate agents. Read How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arizona.

Subjects include participation in drafting contracts to purchase real property, listing agreements, and lease agreements. All in relation to Arizona real estate law. This fulfills the requirements of ars 32-2124(l).

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Arizona Real Estate CWC FAQs

Are the Contract Writing Course and Introduction To Contract Writing Course the same in Arizona?

Yes, the two terms are used interchangeably by ADRE and Arizona real estate schools.

How much does a Contract Writing Course cost?

While all schools have different pricing, we charge $49 for the Arizona Real Estate CWC.

Can you take the Contract Writing Course online?

Yes! Arizona recently approved real estate schools to offer the CWC (Introduction To Contract Writing) 100% online and on demand.

Does the CWC need to be taken before I test?

No, you may take the Arizona contract writing course at any time. It just must be completed before you apply for your real estate license.

Who needs to complete a Contract Writing Course in Arizona?

Future Arizona real estate agents applying for a salesperson license must complete the 6 hour real estate CWC. This includes first time applicants and out of state transfers who meet the requirements to “skip” the 90 hour salesperson course.

Arizona real estate CWC