Arizona Real Estate Broker License Classes

Computer Based Live Classroom | Broker $499

Full 90 Hour Course | Self-Paced Options | Class Modules On Computer | Live Instructor | Take Classes Anytime Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm | Max 2 Classes Per Day | Students Must Take Classes Physically In School (State Law)

Become An Arizona Real Estate Broker

Complete all 90 hours of pre-license training towards your Arizona real estate broker license Monday-Friday on your schedule. Finish in as little as two weeks. Course fee includes school exam and graduation certificate. View the latest requirements for real estate brokers on ADRE’s website.

What Does Computer Based Live Classroom Mean?

Computer based live classroom allows our students to have a self paced option to complete their broker pre-license training. Classes are conducted as “modules” on a computer. All the while an instructor is available, engaged and in the room to answer any questions. What makes this method work is the ability for different students in the same room to be on separate modules and timelines. While we’d love to offer this as an online course, current laws in Arizona do not allow this and still require in-person attendance at a brick and mortar real estate school. Questions? Just ask using the form at the bottom of the page. 

Why Choose American Realty Academy

American Realty Academy is proud to host Arizona real estate license classes that don’t just help you pass the test, but also prepare you for the real world or real estate. Our instructors are all active real estate brokers eager to share their past experiences (both good and bad) in Arizona real estate transactions. What makes our teaching even more effective, is our refusal to take on more than 20 students per class! We want to make sure that no student feels left behind and no question goes unanswered. At American Realty Academy, you aren’t just a face in the back of the room, you’re our guest and our instructors, administrators and owners look forward to getting to know you on a first name basis.

We are a fully approved and accredited Arizona real estate school by the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. See for yourself by checking ADRE’s website here just search for “American Realty Academy”

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