Can You Become An Arizona Real Estate Agent With A Felony?

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Will Arizona Allow Me To Become A Real Estate Agent If I Have A Felony Conviction In My Past?

A felony on one’s records is not necessarily grounds for denial of an Arizona real estate license. In fact, our experience has been that in many cases the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) will allow persons with certain felony convictions to become licensed. The main point to understand though, is that ADRE is the only entity that can make that determination. Our school or any other real estate school for that matter, can’t predict what ADRE will decide nor give you an answer as to whether or not your particular situation is grounds for denial. In our AZ salesperson course, we preach a common golden rule of real estate, “be the source of the source”. In this case, we are practicing what we preach and recommending that you contact ADRE (the source) to determine your eligibility before purchasing an Arizona real estate salesperson or broker course. Licensing

How Do I Contact the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE)?

ADRE has a strong track record of getting back to people quickly. The preferred method is through the ADRE Message Center. Her you can send a quick message to ADRE and get the answers you need before spending money on getting a real estate license. ADRE can take up to 2 business days to get back to you, but we’ve experienced in many cases, a much quicker response time.
Please Note: Regulation, requirements and policies do change from time to time, this content may not be current or entirely accurate.

You may find the latest information on the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s website.