Beginning a Real Estate career starts with passing the Arizona Real Estate Exam and getting your real estate license. After that, it can either be an easy career or a hard career and that depends on your level of commitment and energy. The world of real estate is open for business, and now you have to make it known that you are also open for business!

Making your first “cold-call”, doing your first open house, writing your first offer, taking your first listing, putting together your first farm, are all hurdles that are easy to overcome but none the less, obstacles that many people feel are too daunting and thus put off for later. This leads to stagnation! We are adults, we don’t crawl, we RUN! Leave the fear on the sidelines and become energized! Your commissions are limitless and there are so many different ways to earn money from real estate, you are the only one in your own way.

You make your own schedule, get paid only when you make a sale, there is no paycheck unless you the boss pay yourself for the work you did. This is so different for many people. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Realize this early, in fact, it’s best to sit down with a peer, a mentor or even an experienced Broker who will help you transition to being your own boss. You will need to sit down and make a business plan for your career, without you, you are a rowboat in the ocean.

Identify who you are, what you are looking to do and why. If you are excited about what you are going to get into, share that with others. Reach out to everyone let them know your excitement. Share it. They will feed off of your excitement and will most likely ‘share’ details about someone who they know who is in need of an ‘ENERGIZED, ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT’ agent! That is your bread and butter – no, not the one off referral, but being recognized as being highly trained, energetic, and superior to those in your same field.

Remember – a real estate agent with a plan is sure to win while an agent without a plan is planning to fail. Pass your exams with ease, take our classes. Sit with our broker, map out your niche. Never stop learning and never stop loving what you do – this is your new business, it will love you back!

-Jeffrey Davis Is A Real Estate Broker, Instructor and Co-Owner of American Realty Academy

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