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AZ salesperson exam prep
Mar 26 2024

Exam Prep | Arizona Real Estate Statutes and Law

This article is a comprehensive guide tailored for individuals preparing to take the Arizona real estate exam. It delves into crucial topics such as statutes and laws...
real estate broker exam guide
Mar 25 2024

The Arizona Real Estate Broker Exam Explained: Ultimate Guide

Venturing into the world of Arizona real estate as a broker is a step that comes with its set of challenges and rewards. At the heart of this journey is the Arizona...
boost real estate sales
Mar 14 2024

Boosting Real Estate Sales Using The Internet

In the fast-paced world of real estate, digital marketing has emerged as an essential tool for agents seeking to stand out in a crowded market. As traditional methods...
AZ real estate behind the scenes
Mar 05 2024

Behind The Scenes, Key Players In Arizona Real Estate

The Arizona Real Estate Market The Arizona real estate market is a dynamic and complex field, teeming with various players who each play a pivotal role in the buying...
AZ Broker guide
Mar 04 2024

Get An Arizona Real Estate Broker License | Perfect Guide

Becoming a real estate Broker in Arizona is a promising venture for those looking to elevate their career in the industry. This article serves as a comprehensive guide...
interest rates
Feb 29 2024

What Real Estate Agents Should Know About Interest Rates

Introduction: Interest rates command the ebb and flow of the financial tides in the real estate market, impacting how clients view their buying or selling journey. As a...
AZ real estate key concepts
Feb 27 2024

Arizona Real Estate Principles A-Z: Key Concepts Explained

Venturing into the Arizona real estate market opens a world of opportunities and challenges alike. For those on the path to becoming licensed real estate professionals...
Colorado real estate license guide
Feb 26 2024

Getting Your Colorado Real Estate License | The Perfect Guide

Getting your Colorado real estate license is an adventure filled with potential. Whether you're aiming for the energetic streets of Denver, the picturesque settings of...
Feb 22 2024

Do you issue IRS 1098-T forms?

Do you issue IRS 1098-T forms?   As a private institution that does not receive federal funding, we are not eligible to issue a Form 1098-T.
real estate drone flight
Feb 22 2024

Is Your Real Estate Drone Flight Illegal?

Real Estate Drone Flights: The allure of real estate drone photography is undeniable. Aerial shots can dramatically showcase properties, offering views that traditional...
Arizona real estate exam
Feb 20 2024

The Arizona Real Estate Exam Explained: Ultimate Guide

Starting your journey into the Arizona Real Estate industry indeed requires dedication to training and hard work. The allure of a successful career in real estate is...
real estate licensing Arizona tech
Feb 19 2024

Techs Impact On Real Estate Licensing And More In Arizona

The landscape of Arizona's real estate licensing process and more is transforming, and it's all thanks to the wonders of technology. These advancements are not just...
real estate agent sold sign
Feb 16 2024

6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Sell More

Introduction: In the dynamic world of real estate, the success of agents often hinges on their ability to increase their listing count. This endeavor requires more than...
pass the real estate exam
Feb 13 2024

Pass The Real Estate Exam | 8 Best Test Taking Practices

Achieving success on the real estate exam requires more than just wishful thinking; it demands a strategic approach and meticulous preparation. This guide is designed...
getting your Nevada real estate license
Feb 13 2024

Getting Your Nevada Real Estate License | The Perfect Guide

Embarking on a career in real estate in Nevada offers an exciting opportunity filled with potential for growth and success. Whether you're considering a career change...
Land planning terms
Feb 06 2024

8 Land Planning Terms You Need To Know To Pass Your Arizona Real Estate Exam

Introduction In the dynamic world of Arizona real estate, understanding land planning terms is crucial for students, real estate professionals, and anyone involved in...
broker management clinic
Feb 05 2024

Exploring the Arizona Broker Management Clinic: Enhancing Brokerage Leadership

Introduction In the ever-evolving world of real estate, the importance of continuous education and professional development cannot be overstated. This is particularly...
career in real estate
Feb 01 2024

Exploring a Career in Real Estate: Is It the Right Path for You?

Introduction: A career in real estate offers a vibrant opportunity with diverse options. This overview aims to shed light on the profession, focusing on the skills and...
real estate continuing education, don't wait
Jan 30 2024

Real Estate Continuing Education: Don’t Procrastinate!

Real Estate Continuing Education Introduction Real estate continuing education is essential for professionals in the industry. Don't procrastinate! Spread your training...
Arizona real estate recovery fund exam prep
Jan 29 2024

Recovery Fund | Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep

Introduction The Real Estate Recovery Fund in Arizona serves as a financial safety net for consumers who suffer a monetary loss due to the wrongful actions of a...
how to provide excellent client service
Jan 29 2024

12 Ways To Provide Excellent Client Service As A Real Estate Agent

Introduction: Providing excellent client service is crucial for success as a real estate agent. In today's competitive market, understanding the needs of your clients...
real estate license online training
Jan 29 2024

The Clear Advantages of Earning Your Real Estate License Online: A Modern Approach

Introduction: The increasing preference for getting a real estate license online among students is driven by several compelling advantages, which this report will...
right real estate school
Nov 02 2023

Choosing the Right Arizona Real Estate School | 3 Pro Tips

Introduction Are you looking to pursue a career in real estate in Arizona? If so, choosing the right Arizona real estate school is crucial to your success. With...
Sep 16 2023

I can’t get my videos to load using the password?

If you can NOT get the videos to play, the ones that are password protected, it is most likely because you are behind a "firewall" or you have some other software that...
Sep 16 2023

Out Of State Transfers

Attached is the Arizona brochure on relocating your license. This info is straight from Arizona. (There is a misconception, you are not giving up your current license) ...
Sep 16 2023

Do you offer financial aid or can I make payments?

For Arizona Salesperson & Broker courses, we offer payment options through Affirm®. If you would like to apply for Affirm payments, the option to do so will be...
Sep 16 2023

Do you help finding employment?

Once you pass our school exam and have passed your Pearson Vue State exam, it's time to get going in real estate! Our school DOES NOT sell or rent your information to...
Sep 16 2023

Where Are My Course Certificates?

1. Log into your account2. Once logged in, find your name in the top right, and click on your name:3. Use the drop down option and choose "PROFILE":4. Under your...
Sep 16 2023

Live Classes

In order to provide our students with a self paced experience, we no longer offer live or in person real estate school training. The one exception is our instructor led...
Sep 16 2023

Finger Printing And Background Checks (Arizona)

Fingerprinting: That is not a service that we provide. You can google to see what facilities are near you that do offer that. We are not able to speak on behalf of the...
Sep 13 2023

Do you have a textbook?

Yes but it is 100% digital, allowing us to keep it up to date with the latest changes in real estate. All your materials will be available online inside of your student...
Sep 13 2023

School Pricing Guide

Arizona Real Estate Course Pricing Links Arizona Salesperson (Get Your License) Contract Writing Course (CWC) Continuing Education Tutoring   (Note, CWC and...
Sep 13 2023

How We Support Our Students

We strive to give our students (and future students) the best possible care during their time with us. Our online courses are designed so that you can work through...
Sep 13 2023

Course Deadlines

Arizona Pre-License & Broker Courses:  You will have 6 months to finish. NOTE: This time STARTS the day you sign up and pay for the classes, NOT when you first log...
Sep 13 2023

Courses Look And Feel

Online CBT (computer based training) course features: Start as soon as you pay and enroll online! Work on your own schedule, nights, weekends etc.  A "to the point"...
Sep 13 2023

Final Exam Password

Student are not given the school final exam password. Our list of Approved Testing Centers has already been given the password. State law requires students to take this...
Sep 13 2023

Setting Up Your School Final Exam

State law requires that Arizona Salesperson students pass a proctored school final exam before being issued a certificate to take the state/national final exam.  ...
Sep 13 2023

Requesting A Refund

View Our Current Refund Policy Here to determine if you are still eligible. To request a refund, simply submit a ticket
Sep 13 2023

Someone Else Paid For My Course

Sometimes employers, spouses, or other family members will purchase a plan on behalf of the student. When this happens, they may accidentally put the enrollment in the...
Sep 13 2023

Course Extensions

If you need more time for your 6 month Salesperson course, we offer a one time 6 month extension for $99.   Extend Your Course Here
knowledge thumbnail 4
May 25 2023

Real Estate Exam Prep: Disclosures

Arizona Real Estate Exam Prep: DisclosuresWhat Is A Disclosure?A disclosure provides notice to another party of information known by another. In real estate, this...
May 04 2023

Is It Hard To Get A Real Estate License In Arizona?

Is It Hard To Get A Real Estate License In Arizona?How Hard Is It To Get A Real Estate License?Getting a real estate license may seem challenging at first, but with the...
Apr 27 2023

How Does Arizona Control Water Usage? | Real Estate Exam Prep

How Does Arizona Control Water Usage? | Real Estate Exam PrepWhat Is Groundwater?It’s no secret that Arizona has a limited water supply, so how does the state control...
real estate licensing 2
Apr 20 2023

Can An Agent Get A Commission For Selling Their Own House?

Can An Agent Get A Commission For Selling Their Own House?If I'm Licensed, Can I Earn A Commission For Buying Or Selling My Own House?The Answer in Arizona is...
Real estate school knowledge 2
Apr 17 2023

What Is A Deed In Arizona Real Estate?

What Is A Deed In Arizona Real Estate?In Simple Terms, What Is A Deed?What Is A Deed? It’s more than just a piece of paper but definitely not nearly as complicated as...
real estate licensing 1
Apr 11 2023

Can You Become An Arizona Real Estate Agent With A Felony?

Can You Become An Arizona Real Estate Agent With A Felony? Will Arizona Allow Me To Become A Real Estate Agent If I Have A Felony Conviction In My Past? Having a felony...
Real estate school knowledge 1
Apr 10 2023

What’s An Active Vs. Inactive Real Estate License In AZ?

Active Vs. Inactive Real Estate License In Arizona What’s The Difference Between An Active Real Estate License In Arizona And An Inactive License? The main difference...
Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing
Feb 01 2022

Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing

Arizona Real Estate Finger PrintingPublished: February 1st, 2022The Arizona Real Estate Finger Printing ProcessArizona requires all new agent applicants to obtain a...